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ProCAT Stylus II — Smaller, Smarter, and Stylish.

ProCAT introduce the new and improved ProCAT Stylus II.  Stylus II capitalized on the success of the ProCAT Stylus and added more feature such as: Wireless realtime to Attorney Workstations,  Adjustable color screen, open jobs for read-back during realtime, append to existing jobs, and more.

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ProCAT Stylus — Not Just Another Writer!

ProCAT Introduces Stylus -- Not Just Another Writer.  True to form, ProCAT introduces the most innovative writer ever designed by any vendor.  ProCAT Stylus is not just a writer... it is a portable realtime writer.  Out of the gate, ProCAT Stylus offered feature never seen in any other writer.  Here are some of the features [...]

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ProCAT Introduces Winner — The first Windows-based CAT software

August 1994, San Francisco, CA.  ProCAT proudly introduced Winner 1.0, industry's first Windows-based CAT software.  Winner was built around the Microsoft's 16-bit technology.  The first release of Winner for Windows incorporated the latest and greatest features of the ProCAT Elite, its predecessor, and the addition of the realtime translation with instant editing capabilities.  The San [...]

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ProCAT introduces the Flash

ProCAT Introduced the Flash writer at the NCRA convention in San Francisco, CA. This new writer was based on the Stentura keyboard offered by a competitor; however, the revolutionary electronics which out lasted the competitions with its battery life by five time, new LCD display, note search, and one of a kind PC-card took the [...]

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ProCAT Introduces StenoPaq II

Stenopaq II was built on the success of the original Stenopaq, but it offered removable memory card. The removable cards enable our clients to write for days without running out of memory or in most cases the to re-charge the writer. This was first generation of memory cards offering security and integrity to ensure proper [...]

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ProCAT Introduces Stenopaq

ProCAT introduced its first of many writers to follow at the 1986 NSRA convention in Boston, MA. This writer was first of its kind and the only writer which incorporated the first generation of nonvolatile memory modules thus ensuring the integrity of the notes. Furthermore, the new Stenopaq offered an instant realtime transmission thus allowing [...]

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