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We are pleased to announce the release of ProCAT Case.Pad.  Case.Pad has offers many of the features that are offered in CasePad for iPad.  However, it is compatible with all popular PCs and tablets.  ProCAT will freeze CasePad for iPad in its current state.  We recommend using Case.Pad to offer your clients more flexibility.

The following instructional video is intended to give you an overview of the operation of your


Frequently Asked Questions…

While the product has been build on earlier versions of iOS, the final CasePad testing has been performed on iOS version 7 and later.
No, CasePad works with various models of iPad only?
CasePad is only compatible with ProCAT Winner version 12.0.32 and later.
Yes. You may connect a Denoto user and CasePad user to the same WiFi stream.
This is free app for our valued clients. You may download it from the Apple store.
We are currently limited to four users. However, this number will be 50 users with the next release.
Yes. However, there may be security settings on public networks to prevent Winner to broadcast your realtime text.
You will need a wireless router create your own private WiFi so you can stream text without limitations of interruptions. Please visit ProCAT online store to purchase a pre-configured router.
Yes. You will need a wireless router and WiFi adapter for your Impression. Please contact our customer service department at: (800) 966-1221 to place an order for your WiFi kit for Impression.
Yes. Denoto or CasePad users may connect to a realtime session any time during the session and receive the previously transmitted testimony.

Need Help?

ProCAT offers technical assistance on this product. Please contact ProCAT if you require assistance with setup or operation of this app. There is a nominal fee for this service.

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