ProCAT CasePad

A perfect tool to store, review,
and archive your realtime documents
on an iPad.

Manage your hearings

Keep your hearings
organized by case folder.

Easy to read realtime screen

View a realtime testimony,
review documents, and
collaborate with your colleagues.

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We are pleased to announce the release of ProCAT Case.Pad.  Case.Pad offers many of the features that are offered in Denoto for Windows and CasePad for Apple iPad and more.  For example, it is compatible with all popular PC browsers, smartphones, and tablets.  ProCAT will freeze Denoto and CasePad for iPad in their current states.

We recommend migrating your clients to Case.Pad to offer them more flexibility and reduce your dependence on multiple platforms and allows us to continue to focus our efforts on one product.

Realtime transcription is the process of converting shorthand notes produced on a shorthand machine (e.g., ProCAT Xpression, Impression, etc.) to English text and the immediate displaying of the same for the benefit of consumers.

CasePad is a realtime testimony browser (viewer) and document manager which displays the realtime text produced by a court reporter using ProCAT Winner computer-aided transcription software. Judges, attorneys, or hearing impaired consumers may use the CasePad app to preview the transcript of a proceeding in realtime, search the transcript, store it in the clouds, or email it to colleagues in RTF or HTML format.

CasePad users may connect to a realtime court reporter over a WiFi/Ethernet network or use the Internet for remote access. Once connected to a realtime session, the user will receive any prior testimony for the session in progress and then receive additional testimony as it becomes available. The user may scroll through the realtime transcript or search for a passage or review an earlier testimony. The Follow RT button allows the user to jump to the end of a realtime transcript.

CasePad offers an intuitive case manager which allows the user to organize