CaptiVision has been designed specifically for the court reporters which use a stenotype machine to produce a verbatim record of a proceeding. The following is an overview of the features and benefits of the ProCAT Winner.


Add the ProCAT Winner Voice Edition module to your system to use your voice and steno as sources of input for closed captioning.

Encoder compatibility:

CaptiVision is compatible with both the North American line-21 encoders and the European teletext encoders. Visit our Resources page for information on the line-21 encoders that have been tested with CaptiVision. You may contact the encoder manufacturers or your ProCAT sales team to purchase an encoder.

Simultaneous Media and Web Captioning:

CaptiVision enables you to send your captions to the Web and a broadcaster simultaneously.

Extensive Caption Logging:

Enable the “caption” logging feature in CaptiVision for use with third-party webcasting products.


  • Artificial intelligence technology assures conflict-free translation
  • Enhanced phonetic translation improves legibility
  • Foreign language support (i.e. Spanish, French, etc.)
  • Single-keystroke formatting commands
  • Extensive caption formatting controls via embedded voice and stenotype commands
  • Internet broadcasting of captions (visit us at for additional information
  • History window that logs every caption
  • Instant editing enables a caption coordinator to clean up captions
  • Automatic number conversion enhances the presentation of numbers
  • Seamless transition from realtime to script mode

Dictionary juggle:

  • Instant access to the user dictionary from the CaptiVision window
  • Background audio recording of event
  • Full encoder control during realtime.  User may control encoder functions from the stenotype or the keyboard
  • Realtime transmission from script or writer
  • Quick transition from script mode to realtime translation

Story Manager:

  • The most robust story manager
  • Foreign languages support (i.e. Spanish, French, etc.)
  • Import stories from various formats
  • Export captions in several widely accepted formats (i.e. RTF, HTML, etc.)
  • Rearrange stories using a drag-and-drop technique
  • Skip or add stories on-the-fly
  • Color-coded icons to identify a queued story, story-in-progress, and queued caption
  • Single-keystroke story queuing mechanism
  • Create stories using CaptiVision editor
  • Maintain a complete log of captions transmitted
  • Re-transmit captions from history window
We have compiled a list of popular line-21 caption encoder manufacturers for your reference. Please contact these manufacturers for questions regarding their products.

The completeness and accuracy of this information were checked at the time of publication. Please notify the webmaster if the information has been changed or is no longer valid.

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