ProCAT Case.Pad is a realtime browser which operates on any platform (Windows, Android, Apple, etc.).  This flexibility will enable our clients on Winner 2017 Suite to serve up a realtime stream to their clients on any device (PC, iPad, iPhone, etc.) over a WiFi connection.  Winner 2017 users need not use convoluted steps to configure their system to operate the Case.Pad or pay an exorbitant subscription fee to use it.  Case.Pad is a free feature built into the Winner 2017 software.  However, there will be a nominal support fee per incident/issue.  Case.Pad while it has been designed to be simple to setup and operate, it does not lack advanced features such as realtime refresh.  Case.Pad offers the consumers the ability to mark (issue code) their transcript, search, save, and export.

Case.Pad will be delivered as part of Winner 2017 upgrade to our clients free of charge.  Contact us at for additional information.