We are pleased to announce the release of ProCAT Case.Pad.  Case.Pad offers many of the features that are offered in Denoto for Windows and CasePad for Apple iPad and more.  For example, it is compatible with all popular PC browsers, smartphones, and tablets.  ProCAT will freeze Denoto and CasePad for iPad in their current states.

We recommend migrating your clients to Case.Pad to offer them more flexibility and reduce your dependence on multiple platforms and allows us to continue to focus our efforts on one product.

ProCAT Denoto

Denoto™ is a “realtime transcription” browser. It may be used to preview a testimony as it is being given.

A realtime browser may be used by an attorney, a judge, a paralegal, or a physically challenged person to view and maintain a record of a live proceeding. Denoto offers the physically challenged the opportunity to have “equal access” to the record.

A judge may use Denoto to review any portion of a realtime testimony or a portion of other records to rule on objections. An attorney may use Denoto to view the testimony in realtime mode or use Denoto’s case management functions to research and review earlier testimonies. The instant review features may prove to be instrumental in identifying discrepancies in a testimony, and it empowers the attorney to impeach a witness.

  • Automatic synchronization with the court reporter. This feature enables the court reporter to upload the corrections they have made on their computer to the Denoto workstation thus allowing the consumer to view an accurate record of a proceeding.
  • Single key bookmarks and issue codes.
  • User definable issue codes.
  • Connection to the realtime transcription system via a serial port or over a TCP network.
  • Export the record to your favorite word processor using RTF protocol Synchronized page/line number with the court reporter.
  • Insert objects into a document (i.e. pictures, audio, etc.).
  • Word index (concordance) report.
  • Annotation feature allows the end user to add personal notes to a document.
  • Pop-up annotation window allows the user to quickly review the personal notes.
  • User selectable zoom settings improve the screen appearance.
  • Email and Internet browser shortcuts.
  • Review multiple documents simultaneously.
  • Search and review features.

ProCAT Denoto is a free software.   Click on the link below to install it on your PC.

The following items are required for a serial connection:

    • A personal computer or tablet with Windows 7 or later operating system.
    • A serial port on your PC or a USB-to-Serial adapter.
    • Serial Cable for a single user or digital sharing device for multiple users.

The following items are needed for a WiFi Connection:

  • Access to a hot-spot of a ProCAT WiFi kit.
  • A personal computer or tablet with Windows 7 or later operating system.
  • The realtime provider must be accessible through the WiFi network (use the ping feature to confirm access).
  • Access to the 256-bit encryption key for transmitting sensitive or confidential matters.
  • Pop-up annotation window allows the user to quickly review the personal notes.


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