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Frequently Asked Questions

This page offers the answers to commonly asked questions regarding our writers and software suites. You may use the search key above to find a reference to your question, select the desired category from the list below, or simply browse through the subject matters to find the desired answer.

Please note the public document listed are based on a specific version of ProCAT Winner and/or Microsoft Windows. We have maintained the FAQs for the legacy software for the benefit of our clients using such software.

Feel free to contact us if the information you desire is not available on this page.

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What are the system requirements for Winner2000 (version 7.0)? 

NOTE:  Please refer to tips/winnerxpspecs.htm for Hardware requirements for current versions of Winner XP.






o        Pentium III

o        Desktop: 800 MHz or higher

o        Notebook 600 MHz or higher

o        128 MB RAM

o        Windows 98, or Windows 98 Second Edition

o        10 Gigabyte hard drive

o        Mouse

o        1024×768 SVGA adapter

o        1024×768 SVGA Display

o        2 Serial ports

o        1 Parallel port

o        Pentium 4

o        1.7 GHz or higher

o        256 MB RAM

o        Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, WindowsXP

o        30 Gigabyte hard drive

o        Mouse

o        1024×768 SVGA adapter

o        1024×768 SVGA Display

o        2 Serial ports

o        1 Parallel port


Any Windows compatible modem

Any Windows compatible modem for internet connection but an external modem is required for doing Closed Captioning.


e-Mail account and Internet access

e-Mail account and High Speed\Broadband Internet access


Any supported writer

Flash offers the best realtime features.  Winner2000 is compatible with writers offered by Stenograph

Realtime cable

Must use cables provided by the manufacturer of the writer

Must use cables provided by the manufacturer of the writer


Sound card
Increase minimum hard drive requirements to largest available 

An external storage device for backing up the AudioTrack files is recommended


HP or 100% HP LaserJet compatible printers using PCL language.  Other printers are compatible but HP provides the most efficient features.  Use of Mopiers (i.e. HP 1100) is not recommended

HP 2100, 4000 or 5000 printers are recommended

Printer cable

Use of USB to Centronix printer is highly recommended to avoid conflicts.  However, check your warranty statement for exclusions.

Computer brands

Toshiba and Dell offer higher-quality products and support. Toshiba notebook computers and Dell desktop computers are highly recommended. Other brands may not offer the same level of support and clean integration with Windows and its drivers. Use of “no-name” brands are discouraged for daily production. ProCAT sells and supports the Toshiba notebook computers.


How do I install Winner 2000 from the CD-ROM?

22.     Insert the Winner 2000 CD into the CD-ROM drive. Windows will automatically run the installation program. If you get the installation screen, go to step 5. If not, follow step 2.

23.     In the main Windows screen, click on the Start button.

24.     Select Run.

25.     Type D:setup (assuming the CD-ROM drive is D).

26.     You will be prompted for user information (i.e. name, company, etc.), enter that information.

27.     When prompted for a user ID, enter a new ID. DO NOT USE A USER ID THAT CORRESPONDS TO VERSION 6. For example, if your ID is ED, then enter EDV7 to designate a version 7 working area.

28.     Call customer service department for a registration number at 1-800-966-1221.

29.     The installation program will prompt you to enter the user ID for version 6.0. Enter your version 6.0 user ID. DO NOT ENTER THE NEW VERSION 7 USER ID.

30.     Restart windows after installing Winner 2000

31.     To run Winner 2000, click on the Start button | Programs | ProCAT | Winner 2000.

What are the hardware Requirements for CaptiVision?

The hardware requirements listed below are intended for a single-user, realtime CaptiVision software.  Please review the items listed below under the heading “Additional Equipment” if you intend to use CaptiVision in an Offline-realtime captioning mode.


Computer Desktop or Notebook computer
Pentium II or Pentium III processor (400 MHz or higher)
Minimum 64MB RAM
1.0 Gb or higher hard drive
Minimum 800×640 SVGA display adapter & monitor
2 serial ports
1 Printer port
Encoder Refer to the resources page for a list of encoder manufacturers.
Modem Any Windows compatible modem that supports the  “AT” command set (Hayse compatible).
Printer HP or “100% PCL” compatible printers
Monitor Minimum 800X640 resolution
Writer Flash, Stentura, or any other popular writer.
Speech Engine ViaVoice or Dragon Naturally Speaking


Additional Equipment


VCR 2 VCR’s (one machine to play and one to record)
TV 14″ or larger TV equipped with a decoder
Cables Four video cables (RCA cables and RCA to BNC converters)


How do I install Winner 2000 Web updates?

Depending which one you will need, you would click on the blue hyperlink that says “disk 1”.

Next you will be presented with another window that asks if you would like to save to disk. By default, this will always say “Save to disk”. Click “OK”.

There will be another window that will come up asking you where you want to save it. At the top of this window it will say “Save in” and there will be a drop down menu next to that. Click on the down arrow and select your DESKTOP. It should be the very first one in the list. After the “Save in” says “Desktop”, click “OK”.

***It is best to let this completely download before you attempt to download the next one in line.***

After the download is finished, click on the next disk in line on our Web page and repeat steps 6 and 7 again until you have downloaded all the disks in your section.

After you have download all the disks to your Desktop, disconnect from the internet. When you go to your Desktop (The Windows start up screen with all your icons like “My Computer” and “Recycling Bin”) you will see the disks you downloaded. Double-click on the file marked with 1 at the end.

The next window you will see will have a set of instructions on it. Please read them and press “OK”.

Next, the WinZip Self-Extractor will come up. There is nothing to change in this window. Click on the “UNZIP” button.
In order to extract the files, it will ask you for a password.
You must fill out the Password registration box to receive authorization.

When you get a message that says that the file(s) were unzipped successfully, click “OK” and then click “Close” on the WinZip Self-Extractor.

Click on the next disk in line on your Desktop and repeat steps 10 through 13 until you have unzipped all the disks on your Desktop.

Put Disk 1 back in your computer and click on “Start” and then click on “Run”.

In the command line, type “A:Setup” (without the quotes).

That will start the installation process and will present you with instructions. Please follow them carefully.

How do I convert my dictionary from previous ProCAT software to Winner 2000 format?

32.     Use any Windows or DOS file management utility (i.e. Restore, WinARC16, WinARC32, Windows Explorer, etc.) to copy the “PDICT” file from an older c