We are proud to share with you ProCAT’s contribution to advancing technology for the court reporting, Captioning, and CART industries.

We have introduced numerous industry firsts for over the past three decades, but 2006, 2012, and 2015 will be long remembered for the leaps we made in advancing writer technology. ProCAT has been manufacturing electronic writers since 1986. If you recall, ProCAT was the first company in 2005 to introduce an electronic writer that enabled you to use wireless technology, record audio within your writer, use of a touch screen, provide instant rough drafts, stream realtime to attorneys, open multiple transcripts for read-back, and many more new and exciting features. We called this writer the ProCAT Stylus!

ProCAT introduced the new Impression writer in 2012 – another technological advancement in court reporting. The Impression writer was designed from the ground up to address the pain and fatigue in wrists and arms of court reporters after a long day of writing. It was also designed to reduce dependency on a laptop by incorporating more realtime features within the writer.
We are proud to report to you today that we have met those goals and our clients are raving about their impression writer.

While our competition continues to build machines based on the 1930’s lever and axle concept, ProCAT has invented a new hub and cradle technology which reduces drag on the keys and drastically improves the feel and touch of the keys. This design will reduce or eliminate pain in your arms and shoulders. Additionally, Impression uses a touch-sensitive, color LCD screen to let you use your writer like you operate your smartphone.

We are ecstatic to announce the release of our new Xpression writer. It has been built on the success of the Impression writer, but It offers four times the speed, more features, and it is available in more professional colors.

The new Xpression comes with a Quad Core processor, two removable SD cards, two internal flash drives, Mark Kisslingberry’s brief dictionary, Internet browser, email page, and all of the artificial intelligence features that our clients have come to love.

You know, they say: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” We are flattered. After years of hearing our competition poke fun at and knock the features in our writers, such as the touch screen, they now endorse it and tout it as the best thing since sliced bread. Well, considering they are still building machines based on an 85-year old concept, it takes a while to accept new technology. So now you know who leads and who follows.

Give us a call and let us share with you how you can make your life easier, and enjoy the reliability of a proven technology leader.