It is with great pleasure that we write to inform you of our planned release of the ProCAT® Winner 2016. This software upgrade will be available free of charge to our valued clients who have contributed to our growth. We are ever so grateful for your loyalty. We could not have done it without your investment and continued support.
Over the past few years, we have taken on the task of revamping portions of our existing CAT technologies to conform to the latest and greatest platform Microsoft has to offer, and to improve our user experience. ProCAT Winner 2015 created new unparalleled AutoIndex™ and number conversion technologies (among hundreds of new smaller improvements and corrections). In fact, our current automatic index refresh method has not even been surpassed by Microsoft Word.
ProCAT Winner 2016 realtime transcription suites for steno and voice reporters now offers even more new and improved technologies to further increase your revenue with less effort. Winner 2016’s new “excerpt share-and-weave” will allow you to share a portion of a transcript with a 3rd party scopist (including the underlying steno, audio, etc.), then weave the edited excerpt into your original transcript with minimum effort. Remember, you can always use the awesome cloud scoping that we introduced in Winner 2015! Additionally, Winner 2016 now offers the capability to create “connection scripts” so that you can send your real-time output to several stations with varying protocol and connection methods. The connection scripts are produced through a simple wizard. There are more new and exciting features in our software which will improve the audio recording format, size, and quality; improved full document search preview; hidden bookmarks, etc. Please refer to the release notes with the downloaded installation package.
Moving forward… we plan to rewrite our real-time browser software to include the best of both worlds (Denoto and Casepad) and to become platform agnostic (same app to work on Windows, Android, and Apple). We have started working on this project and we plan to have our first release out before the year’s end.
We have had a handful of clients requesting compatibility with the Bridge software. This is something that we will address the latter part of this year or beginning of the next year.
However, we want to make sure that everyone is clear that our software is compatible with the Bridge software today, but it does not comply with its refresh protocol. We have determined that the work needed to incorporate their refresh in our software is rather exhaustive despite the bloviating by the competition. For your reference, it is like two automobile manufacturers creating engines that are plug compatible with each other. Furthermore, the companies who elected to offer the refresh compatibility with Bridge lack resources (possibly pride) to build their own browser with the refresh feature. We created Denoto over a decade ago. Yet we are willing to improve our software to incorporate the features that our clients request.
Again, we thank our valued clients for your continued support. Please feel free to share your ideas with us.