Memory lane…

We have been developing software for court reporters and the judiciary for nearly four decades. We enjoy a heritage of “first to market” urge in our DNA. We take pride in our track record of creating innovative products and backing it up with a team of professional technical consultants. Take a look at our offerings below:

ProCAT Winner

Winner is our flagship computer-aided transcription software for court reporters. ProCAT Winner supports both steno and voice as the source of input. Alternatively, you may deploy the steno and voice modules during the same realtime session. Read more…

ProCAT CaptiVision for Closed-Captioning

ProCAT CaptiVision

ProCAT is one of the pioneers in realtime closed-captioning field. CaptiVision, our realtime closed-captioning software, hosts a comprehensive set of features for broadcast-grade captioners. Read more…

ProCAT Clients Resource Center


Whether you provide CART services to an individual or a stadium, ProCAT offers a wide range of features to address your needs. Read more…

Realtime Browsers

Realtime to your clients has never been easier. We offer a universal browsers which will stream to any platform — Windows, Apple, iOS, Android, etc.  Visit Case.Pad to learn more about our realtime browser.  Our legacy products are still available.  read more about Denoto for Windows.


“I have always given Pro Cat high praises with my fellow colleagues concerning your superior quality products and for technical support! Thank you for your continued excellent service!”
I talk a lot about ProCAT to people and will continue to do so. I’ve been a very happy customer for so many years. Thank you!
John is a true professional & very knowledgeable. Thank you for having such a helpful rep. on your staff.
Jose is not only knowledgeable but PATIENT. To our customers and myself that is the name of the game. Never makes excuses.
No one at ProCAT made me feel like an idiot, the way the tech people from [Another CAT company] do, and for that I am grateful. John was gracious, patient beyond belief, and always accessible.
“ProCAT is a wonderful product, but the most important thing is the support team always responds back immediately and doesn’t stop until they fix the problem.!!!
I always request Chris because he’s so knowledgeable and understands my “situation.” I appreciate his patience in helping me understand my concerns.
I think Jose is one of the best technicians you have. He is always courteous, very patient, knows the system, and teaches you something new each time. He is my preferred technician and a great asset to your company!
As the young people would say “PROCAT ROCKS”
You have an awesome team together and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with each member of your team. Many thanks and hats off to all of you from a happy customer.Absolutely enjoyed working with Chris. He not only answered my questions and fixed my problem, but was very pleasant to talk with. We even joked around.. Great Personality!!!!!
You have an awesome team together and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with each member of your team. Many thanks and hats off to all of you from a happy customer.

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