ProCAT Introduces Stylus — Not Just Another Writer.  True to form, ProCAT introduces the most innovative writer ever designed by any vendor.  ProCAT Stylus is not just a writer… it is a portable realtime writer.  Out of the gate, ProCAT Stylus offered feature never seen in any other writer.  Here are some of the features that ProCAT stuffed into one portable writer:

  • Touchscreen for ease of use
  • Bluetooth connection to CAT systems
  • Realtime translation offering artificial intelligence
  • Produce rough transcript copy
  • Global entries
  • Automatic conflict resolution
  • Automatic number conversion
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • LiIon Battery
  • paper or paperless option, and more…

ProCAT proudly raised the bar again with introduction of the ProCAT Stylus.