Winner Scopist (Edit-Only)

The ProCAT Winner Edit-Only Suite is for the Scopists, proofreaders, and transcriptionists.  It offers all of the features discussed in the Winner Steno and Voice Editions minus the capability to translate shorthand notes into English or dictate via Dragon.  Please refer to the Steno Edition page if you will be working with steno reporters, or Voice Edition if you plan to work with the voice writers.  It is important to note that you have the option to work with both methods simultaneously with the appropriate Edit-Only licensing.  A brief overview of the Edit-Only (Sopist) Edition appears below:

User Interface — A software should not have to be difficult to learn to be good! In fact, if it looks too difficult, then it is not well thought out and you’ll lose time and money learning it.

ProCAT Winner has adopted the look and feel of the Microsoft® products to ease the transition to ProCAT. Updating to Winner from earlier versions of ProCAT software is a breeze because it accepts the old command structure. Winner also has alternate keyboard layouts that simplify the transition from other CAT systems to Winner. These alternate keyboards are set up to behave like your old software.

Features — The fact is that every CAT software can produce a transcript, but helping you improve your efficiency and offer features that increase the opportunity to generate additional revenue, is what we do best! Consider these one-of-a-kind features:

  • AudioTrack™ is an automatic sound recording and synchronization feature in realtime. Activate this feature in realtime to record the spoken words and then play them back while editing to proof your transcript.
  • The SuperToken™ feature enables a user to define speaker’s names on the fly and change them as needed.
  • Automatic punctuation maintains a grammatically correct format.
  • Proper noun recognition and formatting assure the correct case.
  • Winner offers several time-stamping formats to choose from. The time stamps may appear on every line, every paragraph, or every occurrence of a question or answer. Time stamping feature is designed to meet the Canadian formatting requirements as well.
  • Enlarge the screen zoom to make the text more readable or reduce the zoom to create space on the screen. This feature is ideal for CART reporters needing to display their text on a large screen for the hard of hearing or visually impaired person.
  • Access any dictionary during editing. The dictionary juggle function enables the user to view the dictionary entries before adding an entry to a dictionary.

Editing — Reality is that every CAT software can produce a transcript. What makes ProCAT unique is its nearly four decades of research and development that has made the Winner Editor the most powerful, yet easy to learn and use. You will spend about 70% of your time editing a transcript. Using a software that has been designed with you in mind will make your job much more efficient. Here are some of the unique features that have made Winner the choice of thousands of professional reporters:

  • AutoEdit™ — probably one of the most powerful features of the editor is the automatic suggest translation feature. This feature automatically suggests an English definition for an untranslated word. This will save you thousands of keystrokes per job.
  • AutoProof™ — with the press of a single key, Winner will automatically proof an entire transcript. It searches for common grammatical and style errors. When it locates an inconsistency, it offers a correcting action.
  • AutoIndex™ — Talk about time-savers, this ProCAT-first saves you hours because it will automatically produce an index page for you.
  • SuperToken™ and Form Fields are placeholders in your transcripts and include files. Placing the cursor on a field and pressing the lookup key will offer a list of replacements for the field (i.e. names and addresses of law firms in an appearance page).
  • PowerKeys™ — Use this feature to create keyboard shortcuts to make your editing even more efficient.
  • Dictionary Juggle enables the user to look up entries in the dictionaries from the editor.
  • AudioTrack™ lets the user playback audio synchronized with the text.
  • The scan function jumps to untranslated steno outlines and it plays back the audio corresponding to the steno outline.
  • Embed exhibits in a transcript. Use an off-the-shelf flatbed scanner and convert your exhibit to a digital format then embed them into a transcript.
  • Embed an audio message in your transcript to remind yourself or a scoper of an event.
  • And much more…
  • Form Fields — Form fields are placeholders in your include files. You can replace these fields in an include file with the actual name from a database. This feature eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the same text into the editor.

Dictionary Maintenance — A well-tuned dictionary is a foundation for efficient realtime translation and editing. ProCAT has always placed a great deal of emphasis on creating maintenance functions that enable a user to access a dictionary quickly. Here are some of the functions offered in Winner Dictionary Maintenance:

  • Import/Export globals
  • Add entries
  • Change entries
  • Remove entries
  • Spell check a dictionary
  • Find/Replace dictionary entries (global search)
  • Optimize dictionary
  • Dictionary statistics
  • Steno-based pattern search
  • English-based pattern search
  • View conflicts only

Note Scope — From time to time it may be necessary to scan a note file to search and translate only a portion of a steno file. The Note Scope function has been provided to enable a user to create an excerpt or to merge several note files into a single file. Note Scope also provides:

  • Review steno files
  • Create job dictionary entries
  • Cut and paste note
  • Merge note files
  • Search and display steno marks

Importing & Exporting — ProCAT has been a vocal supporter of data exchange using a standard format. Winner supports data import and export using pure RTF and its variation as adopted by the RTF/CRE pact amongst the CAT vendors. Winner supports the following export formats:

  • Print image ASCII
  • Pure ASCII (text file)
  • Amicus
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • Cheetah .STO files
  • PTF

Archive Wizard — It is by far the easiest and a complete file backup and restore program. It is designed to be very simple to operate. It is based on Microsoft’s wizard technology. It simply walks a user step-by-step through a file backup and restores process, and it will automatically compress the files in the universal zip format.


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