ProCAT Winner – Voice Edition

ProCAT Winner represents over three decades of industry experience and a tradition of many industry firsts. It is the most robust and feature-rich computer-aided transcription available for the court reporting industry. It offers the most desirable features, yet is very simple to use.

ProCAT was the first CAT vendor to embrace the voice technology and incorporated voice engines (i.e. IBM ViaVoice, Dragon, etc.) in its CAT software to allow the voice writing professional to produce realtime transcript. Our approach enabled the ProCAT Winner Suite to be used as a standalone CAT software for steno writers and voice writers.

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Winner (voice edition) is a realtime speech recognition and processing software. The realtime nature of Winner enables our users to provide transcription services to the judiciary, closed-captioning services to the broadcasters, live news webcast to the Internet, litigation support services to the attorneys, and rapid text entry for medical transcribers.

  • Input Sources — a unique feature of Winner Voice Edition is that it offers the user the option of choosing either their voice or a machine to make the record. In fact, the user may change the method of making the record during a realtime session. This is an awesome feature to exercise when the user experiences fatigue during a session.
  • Speech Recognition — Winner supports the Dragon Naturally Speaking.  We are in fact a Nuance authorized partner.  Our goal is to create products that are simple-to-use and user-friendly. Dealing with the idiosyncrasies of speech recognition engines may be very time-consuming. Unlike the competing computer-aided transcription systems, Winner Voice Edition eliminates the need for a user to deal with these issues because the speech processing is transparent to the end user. Moreover, our approach offers the user a uniform user interface and it eliminates the need to learn to operate multiple products.
  • Intelligent Homonym Resolution — Winner automatically learns and resolves homonym (sound-alike). The more you use your software, the better it will get.
  • Speaker Identification Tokens — Identify the speakers by their names quickly and efficiently. This feature will improve the quality of your realtime translation.
  • Visual Effects — Every Winner software package includes an analog-to-digital audio converter. The converter is used to enhance the quality of the input thus offering the end user better accuracy. It is also very important to maintain an audio level that enables the speech processing engine to hear the end user clearly. For this purpose, Winner offers a visible volume meter to enable the user to gauge the input levels.
  • Vocabulary Manager and Expander — Adding new words and their corresponding pronunciations is the key to producing accurate realtime output and reducing transcript production time.  Winner offers the end user the option of using its “vocabulary expander” feature to learn new words and word usage from existing documents, or simply use the “vocabulary manager” to add new words to the vocabulary database.
  • Command and Controls — It refers to the process of controlling the flow and format of text on the consumers’ video display. Winner provides the facility to create a comprehensive set of user-defined macros that the user may issue during a realtime (or post production) session. These macros may be used to format a transcript, o to perform a “hands-off” command.
  • Multi-Track Audio Recording — Protecting the integrity of the record is essential to any transcription software. To that end, a user may enable the room recording feature in Winner to digitally record the speakers’ voices (attorneys, Judge, etc.) while the software will automatically record the court reporter’s voice on a separate track. The two audio tracks will be synchronized with the text to enable the user to listen to either track during an editing session. Additionally, the court reporter may play back the room recording track or voice track in response to requests to read back the record.
  • Realtime — Realtime for The Rest of Us! ProCAT introduced the first portable realtime software in 1986. Since the introduction of the first realtime software, we have continued to add intelligence to our software to help you produce a “cleaner” transcript with minimum effort.
  • Winner’s automatic number processing continually scans the realtime text to locate a sequence of events that would trigger the formatting of numbers (either numerals or words). This process automatically formats telephone number, Social Security number, dollar amount, measurement, caliber, date, and time. It is important to emphasize the fact that there is no need for the user to pronounce special commands to accommodate the number conversion. Winner does it automatically!
  • Instant editing enables a user to translate and edit simultaneously. This feature makes daily and expedited jobs a breeze.
  • The super token feature enables a user to define speakers’ names during a quick break and resume dictation.
  • Automatic punctuation maintains a grammatically correct format.
  • Proper noun recognition and formatting assure correct case.
  • Winner offers several time-stamping formats to choose from. The time stamps may appear on every line, every paragraph, or every occurrence of a question or answer. Time stamping feature is designed to meet the Canadian format requirements.
  • Enlarge the screen zoom to make the text more readable or reduce the zoom to create space on the screen. This feature is ideal for CART reporters needing to display their text on a large screen for the hard of hearing or visually impaired person.
  • Connect your realtime translation output to any popular attorney browser.
  • Control the flow of the realtime with your speech. Issue keyboard commands (i.e. cursor movement, text editing, etc.) with voice macros.
  • Editing — Reality is that every CAT software can produce a transcript. What makes ProCAT unique is over two decades of research and development that has made the Winner Editor the most powerful, yet easy to learn and use. You will spend about 70% of your time editing a transcript. Using a software that has been designed with you in mind will make your job much more efficient. Here are some of the unique features that have made Winner the choice of thousands of professional reporters:
  • AutoProof™ — with the press of a single key, Winner will automatically proof an entire transcript. It searches for common grammatical and style errors. When it locates an inconsistency, it offers a correcting action.
  • AutoIndex™ — Talking about timesavers, this ProCAT-first saves you hours because it will automatically produce an index page for you.
  • Super Token and Form Fields are placeholders in your transcripts and include files. Placing the cursor on a field and pressing the lookup key will offer a list of replacements for the field (i.e. names and addresses of law firms in an appearance page).
  • PowerKeys™ — Use this feature to create keyboard shortcuts to make your editing even more efficient.
  • AudioTrack™ — lets the user playback audio synchronized with the text.
  • Embed exhibits in a transcript. Use an off-the-shelf flatbed scanner and convert your exhibit to a digital format then embed them into a transcript.
  • Embed an audio message in your transcript to remind yourself or a scoper of an event.
  • Form Fields — Form fields are placeholders in your include files. You can replace these fields in an include file with the actual name from a database. This feature eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the same text into the editor.
  • 3D-transcript™ — With the advent of the 32-bit technology it is possible to combine various data formats (i.e. text, audio, and video) in a single bundle (in a universal format) for delivery to an end-user. You can use your Winner editor to embed audio, video, and images into a transcript and deliver the same to your clients using a standard format such as RTF or HTML.
  • Importing & Exporting — ProCAT has been a vocal supporter of data exchange using a standard format. Winner supports data import and export using pure RTF and its variation as adopted by the RTF/CRE pact amongst the CAT vendors. Winner supports the following export formats:
  • Print image ASCII
  • Pure ASCII
  • Amicus
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • PTF
  • Archive Wizard — It is by far the easiest and the most comprehensive file backup and restore program. It is designed to be very simple to operate. It is based on Microsoft’s wizard technology. It simply walks a user step-by-step through a file backup/restore process, and it will automatically compress the files in the universal zip format..


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