Top 10 Reasons
for Purchasing Your Next
Laptop from ProCAT

ProCAT sells custom configured Toshiba laptops with high-end components and extended warranty at the prevailing manufacturer’s price plus a service fee.

Here are the services which are included in the purchase price when you buy a laptop from ProCAT:

  1. Equipment is guaranteed to work with our software. Do not rely on a cashier at the local electronics store to sell you on a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo.  The chances are they do not know anything about court reporting.
  2. We custom order each laptop computer with the best components. For example, we configure our custom laptops for VR users with 7200 RPM drives to improve the software performance.
  3. We include a 3-year standard manufacturer’s warranty with our custom laptop computers. A laptop purchase is a major investment in your business.  We ensure you are backed up by a national service plan for three years.
  4. We will remove the bloatware from your laptop. This process ensures the total computing power of your laptop is dedicated to you, not a bunch of corporate advertisers.
  5. We will install Microsoft Windows updates and fixes on your laptop. Did you know there are literally 100’s of security fixes that you must install on new computers?
  6. We will configure your virus checker to work for you rather than against you. Did you know your virus checker may start a system scan in the middle of your realtime session?  We will ensure you virus checker and firewall are set correctly to avoid a resource drain.
  7. We will install your software, personal dictionary, and configuration files for you so that you do not have to spend your precious time configuring system. What is the value of using your laptop out-of-the-box?
  8. We sell only professional-grade laptop computers. While on the surface the specifications for two laptops appear to be equal, the qualities will not be the same.  For example, Tecra laptops by Toshiba are designed to be rugged and offer the features needed by professional computer users.
  9. We will make certain your custom laptop is optimized for the best performance and realtime-ready.
  10. Our technical support staff has been trained on the equipment that we sell. This familiarity with your equipment will expedite technical services.

We have seen a lot of computer manufacturers come and go over the past 32+ years.  However, despite all the economic trials and tabulations, certain vendors have remained profitable and their customers have benefited from their viability.   ProCAT signed-up to become a Toshiba laptop reseller in 1986 and we have never looked back.    We believe Toshiba offers superior service, fair pricing, and quality products.

In conclusion, it is your decision where to acquire the equipment that you will need to operate your business.  Please be aware that should you decided to purchase your own laptop or desktop computer, our technical support department will gladly provide free written documentation to help you with your transition.  There will be a special service fee if you require assistance with the actual process of transferring and setting up your new computer.

We trust the quality products offered by Toshiba and comprehensive services we offer are well worth the extra fees which ensure your peace of mind.  Please contact if you would like to purchase a custom laptop.