Windows updates keep coming…

The one thing we can all count on is more Windows updates and with each update, it appears that they are taking more control of our desktops.

We are writing to inform you that the latest Windows 10 update (“Creator”) will interfere with the operation of your printers and Windows Mobile Device Center (“WMDC”). This update alters they way Windows handles printers so you will need to reset your default printer for the proper operation of Winner 2017 Editor. Additionally, We use the WMDC to upload/download files to your ProCAT writers which will require you to reinstall WMDC and restart your computer.

We have prepared an instructional video and documentation for you to recover from the issues arising from the Creators. The instructional video is available on YouTube. Additional documentation is available at

It goes without saying, we are always here for you. Contact us if you will need help.

Best regards,