Winner 2017 Suite, the latest greatest Winner ever, has arrived!  

We promised to deliver a new platform agnostic realtime browser third quarter of last year to allow our clients to stream their realtime to any “handheld” device.  Well here it is…  we call it: Case.Pad (read more…).  Case.Pad is included in the Winner 2017 Suite.  There is no software to distribute or install on your client’s computer.  Winner 2017 will serve up the Case.Pad to your client in just a few seconds and they are ready to go.  Case.Pad is also an ideal viewer for CART writers as well as anyone wishing to share a realtime stream with their consumers.

Here is how it works:

  1. Install Winner 2017 on your PC
  2. Create a connection script to stream to Case.Pad (see MyProCAT YouTube channel)
  3. Connect your PC to a WiFi router
  4. Launch the realtime with the Case.Pad connection script
  5. Offer the “IP Connection” number which appears on your screen to your clients
  6. Your client may enter the IP number into any popular browser to receive your realtim stream… it’s that simple.

We will continue to maintain Denoto for Windows and CasePad for the iPad in their existing forms.  We plan to invest all of our time and efforts into the new Case.Pad.  Out of the gate Case.Pad offers plenty of features and benefits.  We plan to continue to make additional improvements to Case.Pad (e.g., streaming over the Internet).

In addition to the new Case.Pad feature, we have also introduced a realtime streaming feature to YouTube for captioners.  This feature will enable captioners to stream live captions from the Winner 2017 software to live YouTube events.  The feature will be available to our clients who have purchased the CaptiVision — closed-captioning module.

Winner 2017 is a free update for our clients on a valid support plan.  Case.Pad is free to use, but there will be a nominal support fee, over and above the annual support fee for Winner 2017, per call.

Case.Pad works with Winner steno and voice editions.

We thank our valued clients for their continued support. Please feel free to share your ideas with us.