Winners’ Retreat 2019

The Annual Winners’ Retreat is right around the corner!  This year we will be in the beautiful city of San Antonio, TX for two days of learning and fun.  The hotel is located on the ever so popular San Antonio Riverwalk with many shops and restaurants.  The best part of it is that we have secured an awesome room rate for our attendees.

Come join us for this once a year event to learn how to apply all the wonderful features of your software to your daily work to save time.  We invite the Steno and Voice editions to join us.  We will have a breakout session for both writing methods.

Here are some the new features and improvements in ProCAT Winner 2019 that we will cover in our program:

  • New PDF engine
  • New eFiler user interface
  • New stamps and seals
  • Hyperlinked bookmarks in eFiler
  • Improved/fixed the dialing feature in the ProCAT CaptiVison
  • Improvement to the Alt+D command
  • Improvements to audio sync with third-party writers
  • Improvements to time stamps from third-party writers
  • Fixed access to SSL
  • Import timestamps from third-party SGSTN file
  • Fixed an issue causing “Winner is not loaded” message to appear
  • Fixed issues causing “forced entry” failure in the Voice Edition
  • Fixed an issue where software failed to open a Voice transcript in Steno mode
  • Fixed issues relating to capping in the vicinity of a morphed entry
  • Fixed an issue with F5 when searching for whole words at the end of a line.
  • Fixed an issue relating to audio files causing an RT crash
  • Fixed an issue caused by importing very long English entries into personal dictionary
  • Realtime crash caused by deleting a line of the transcript when that is the only text in the file
  • Realtime issue caused by writing a morph command following a paragraph break
  • Improved the capitalization process when deleting the Q or A

Please visit our Events Calendar for additional information.  You may register online as well.